Igbo People.

Igbo is a language spoken by Igbo people of the Igbo ethnic group, one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. The group is indigenous to the Southeastern part of the country, mostly on the eastern side of the Niger River, a region considered to be one of the most densely populated regions in the whole of Africa.


The Igbo people, natively called Ndi Igbo and also spelt as Ibo or Eboe, are the third largest ethnic group in Nigeria. The tribe comes after the second-placed Yoruba ethnic group from the western part of Nigeria and the leading Fulani-Hausa ethnic group from the northern part of the country.

The exact population of the Igbo people is not fully known. The CIA World Factbook, however, estimates that there are about 32 million. This forms less than 20% of the total Nigerian population. The Hausa-Fulani account for about 29%, while the Yoruba forms around 21% of the entire population.

Igbo people are native to five main states in Nigeria. They are Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu (it’s unofficial capital), and Imo State. The Igbo’s, however, claim that their territory extends to present day Delta State to the west and Cross-River, Akwa-Ibom and Rivers State to the south. This is backed up by the presence of native Igbo speakers in these states. Prominent cities and towns where the Igbos reside include Owerri, Aba,

Abakaliki, Onitsha, Afikpo, Asaba, Orlu, Agbor, Umuahia, Okigwe, Nsukka, and Port Harcourt. The Igbo people will also be found in cities outside Igboland such as Lagos, and Abuja. For many centuries, the Igbo people have always lived in peace with their neighboring communities that consist of the Ibibio, Nupe, Ijo, Idoma, Igala, and Ekoi people. Igbo people are said to be the most dispersed ethnic community in Nigeria. This migration started in the early days of the slave trade and continues to be felt to this day.

Well known and famous African-American figures have laid claim as being Igbo. This has been based on DNA profiling. Notable people include the world-renowned Bishop T.D. Jakes, as well as famous actors who include Paul Robeson, Forest Whittaker, and also Blair Underwood.

Igbo people are mostly traders, farmers, and craftsmen, with Agriculture being the most dominant activity. The main crops farmed in the region constitutes yam, taro, cassava, and fruit of the palm tree. The yam is the main staple food which is also exported to neighboring regions. There is also an annual celebration that is held to mark the harvesting of yams. Over time, people have been turning to cultivating the fruit of the palm due to its palm oil. The palm crop is the leading cash crop in the region owing to

the large quantities of palm oil that are exported outside Nigeria.

SOURCE: igbo people - obindigbo.com.ng

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