HOMELAND - The Future

"Happy independence grandma! Please tell me the story about the end of the war again!" Six years old Kachi bubbled with excitement.
"Hei! Kachi! You and stories! at 5am in the morning?"
"Yes grandma, you promised. We watched the independence day video in school last week and they told us Nigeria will celebrate her birthday today."
In all her seventy-five years of living, Grandma Ekene still believes that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow; though it bothers her that the youths themselves lack faith in their capacity to lead. This has made her tell her grandchild all she could recall about the years that gave birth to her nation Nigeria. Kachi's mother believes this to be premature, but like Grandma would always say "if the young ones do not grow knowing their nation, they will grow up to meet her as a stranger and not family. If and only we can catch them young."
"Nne, I will not tell you about the war today. Today, I want to tell you what will make Nigeria happy in future-birth anniversaries to come. Nigeria is not happy on her 58th birthday, because her children refuse to look to the future. They mourn her woes, but never celebrate her wins. They speak more words of condemnation, than they do of praise. They focus on one another's differences as a symbol of separation, rather than a chain of strength. So, Nigeria weeps on her day of joy, because her children do not want to see the strength in their number, nor do they use it to oust the few who oppress them. She needs you to make her happy again."
"Grandma, I don't like Nigeria crying on her birthday, make her stop."
"I am old and weak Kachi nwam, but you will wipe her tears someday. Just remember that she needs you."
"Okay grandma, I will make Nigeria happy again."

Successa Hillary
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