“Wow, this is a great turn out! I can’t believe you pulled such crowd in just a few hours.” Aderemi said to me grinning widely while exchanging pleasantries.
Happiness was radiating from every pore of my skin. Sexy babes,
different curves and complexion; the movers and the shakers of the
industry were all gathered; I have never felt this proud of myself like now.
It was not just a birthday celebration; I just signed the biggest deal of my music career. I was on top of the world.

“Hmm, I must be tipsy from the different drinks I have had tonight.” I thought, as I felt my senses begin to slowly give way. Finally, the M.C called for my birthday song and toast and the dance floor was lit. The last time I checked my gold plated wristwatch, it was 11pm. Not long after, my sight gave way as a sharp pain took over my body. I only heard glasses crash and my body hit the floor.
“What is happening to me? Someone help me!” I shouted but I

couldn’t even hear my voice. 

“Thank Goodness! I feel and see better now.”
Then I saw that my friends surround someone; some were taking pictures.
“That looks like me!” I shouted. Aderemi was crying, moving around with a phone to his ear. I guess he was calling my family, or the cops.
“What just happened?! Why can’t anybody see me? But, today is my birthday...”

"What are you all doing? Can't someone help me off the floor?"
I searched for Aderemi. I'm sure if I can find him, he'd be able to hear me."Guy, we had better leave this place now, before the police arrive."
Koko said following Aderemi.
"Koko just shut your mouth and let me concentrate on what's next. If you had not been so stupid as to overlace his drink, Tina would have had a good time to make him sign over the cheque before he gave in to the drug's effect."
I saw Aderemi dial Tina's mobile, “Come over to the room you and Tayo booked for the party. Next on the list is to take care of Koko, else the lily-livered bird would sing to the police.”
I was supposed to feel hurt but I realized I could feel nothing so I followed my friend on. The sight that greeted Tina on her arrival to the room, would have made her merry heart laugh, had she not been too shocked at Aderemi's capacity for evil in one night. It finally dawned on her that she had been living a fool's dream to imagine she loved him and not sweet Tayo. Meantime, she resolved to play his game his way, for safety sake.

"I see you've killed Koko to keep him shut... What do we do next?"

"We wait for the police to do their investigation" Aderemi replied
"There will be so many suspects because of the number of people at the party. We just have to play the part of grieving friends" he continued
Tina nodded in agreement, but she already regretted being part of this plan; she regretted ever being fooled by Aderemi's charm and wit. She regretted betraying Tayo. Right now, she wished to go back in time to undo everything.
The noise of the ambulance coupled with the siren of the police brought her out of her reverie.
The Police Superintendent came in, supervised the evacuation of the body and in a baritone said
"The rest of you are coming with me to the station so we can take
your statement" I watched as my best friend Aderemi signaled my girlfriend, Tina to stick to the story or else she will be next. I wonder just how thick, this conspiracy stretches...


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