Tina trembled as she left with the police men. Aderemi's gaze at her was like a tiger waiting for an opportunity to strike. He had warned her earlier to stick to the plan for he would not hesitate to get rid of her if he perceived her a threat.
I couldn't believe Aderemi could Mastermind an evil plot against me. We had been friends since I could remember.
I raised my hands to strike him but I couldn't, I tried again not knowing that I was on the other side of existence and can't come in contact with this side of the living.
"Tina why?" I asked rhetorically as she tearfully wrote her report at the police station. Aderemi was consoling her from behind. "Don't rest until you find the monsters who did this to my man" Aderemi said to the police man as he gently pulled Tina from the station.
"Are you just going to let them go? Can't you realize that they just
put on a show?" I said looking at the police officers in charge.

Of course they can't hear me. I decided to pause for a moment. It all still felt surreal. Just a few hours ago I was having the party of my life and now. I'm stuck in limbo, forced to watch the traitors who ruined my life get away with it? This wasn't the least bit right!
As I walked out of the police station trying to piece my thoughts together, unsure what to do about any of this, a voice interrupted my thoughts. It was odd. Somewhere in my mind, I had concluded that I was forever alone on this ethereal plane but I was sure this voice was referring to me.
"Are you okay?" it asked again
I turned towards the source, perplexed.
"You can see and hear me?"
"I'm neither blind nor deaf. Your shirt looks very dirty, is that blood?"
I sized her up in a few glances before looking at my shirt. It was a messy sight, I had coughed up a lot of blood in my final moments. Irritating as this girl was, she was currently my only link to the physical world. There was just one problem. She seemed barely 13 years old.

"The code of trust was broken; in exchange for your good deeds,
you're trapped in this place forlorn. I fear for you, for this is just a tip of the iceberg, a fraction of what is to come. Your soul is doomed", the little girl said.
“But who are you little girl?” I questioned.
"Just call me purple devil". She replied abruptly.
"Whatever that means. I'm happy you can see me.” I said excitedly.
“Aderemi betrayed me because of a girl. I can't be seen nor heard, I can't believe I'm dead". I lamented.
“I need help! I came to help you, because you also helped me during one of my numerous outings to your planet. On that day I took the form of a child, purple is an allergy for me so I couldn't go past a purple rope on the floor and I screamed hard because I was trapped and my time on your planet was running fast. You helped me take off the rope. I knew I'd repay the kindness, someday." With a tap to my head, I tumbled and tumbled and tumbled until I sneezed in the morgue. Everyone ran. The strong stood and captured the rising dead.

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