The Art Of Decision making

The art of decision making is more natural than artistic. It is only when those decisions are successfully executed do we attribute artistic qualities to it. Decision making is not new in any individual’s life. It is an action or practice we as humans can’t live without. In fact its importance can be likened to our indispensable need for air to breathe.

However, even though decision making is a vital component of human activity, there are times that some decisions made have had adverse effects on us and even the people around us. Those effects can bring discouragement, frustration, depression especially if those decision made have accompany stigma attached to it. The effect makes us scared and very reluctant in future decision making.

The truth is that just as there is no smoke without fire, so also there must be mistakes made from decisions which should serve as a lesson. Also just as the above quote illustrates making a decision not to make a decision means you have already made a decision to be completely unproductive and redundant in life. You become deadweight and occupy space.

Moreover, It is in making mistakes when making decisions and learning from them that your decision making becomes flawless. This is true for people from all works of life. Whether it is in our home, businesses, careers, etc. you will always have to make decisions which may not going as planned,  but as you continue, you will see that those mistakes would come to you in different forms and scenarios and this time around, you will know the right decision to make because you are experienced and have learned.

Just as I said at the beginning, the art of  decision making does not mean all round perfectness. Even artworks with all its appeal still have some flaws in them. So also is it with decision making. If you have a goal or target, constantly and consistently, you would always make decisions to reach it. So why get afraid or reluctant because of one mistake?? If those goals or targets you have set matters to you, you would rather choose to learn from the mistake than to avoid it altogether.

The reason why I termed decision making an art is because art is beautiful and aesthetic and when your decision making reaches a stage when it’s almost flawless, adaptive and inch-perfect, you would not be criticized nor corrected for describing it as artistic or work of art. Therefore, even as a work of art may undergo so many rough stages and processes, also our decision making would undergo so many harsh realities of life before it can become beautiful and almost flawless.

Jilams Odigwe is an enthusiastic writer who borders the line between a realist and optimist. His love for art is fluid, which makes Bon vivant of some sort...

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