How to love yourself Part 2

My beautiful readers, this week we continue on the next phase of our topic. I do hope implementing the first two was easy. Changing and walking away from bull crap is hard, but for the sake of your sanity, you need to
#3 Tip; Achieving inner peace/strength
Inner peace also known as 'Peace of mind' is the last and final stage in achieving self love. If an individual knows himself and his abilities, blocks out all negativity, all the petty talk, all the slander and backbiting, then inner peace is achieved.
Inner peace walks along with inner strength. A person needs to have mental strength to with stand everything that comes together with the negativity in the world today. Physical strength helps from physical harm but inner strength brings less violence and more mental awareness. Inner strength is also their ability to swallow the nastiness thrown at you, knowing and trying to understand the other person's point if it's worth the stress of talking back, raising your fists or just walking away. In today's society, walking away in time of fights or quarrels is seen as weak or stupid. But do people actually stop to think that exchanging words, playing traps and poisoning minds is not just worth it.
People fail to realize that some battles are not just worth the outcome. And if a person is able to achieve inner peace, you are backed up by strength and you can live a mentally healthy life.
All these aren't easy I know but it's necessary. As we go into 2019, I do hope there's all the changes there needs to be I. Your lives. Remain blessed and keep reading. This year's going to be lit on NiWco.

Aisha is a young writer. She writes to promote everything about the African woman. And hopes to bring glory to the continent.

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