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Don’t Understand, Don’t Criticize

It is easy to criticize, but rewarding to understand – Odigwe Jilams
This is for those who have a mind that is as delicate as a doe. If you don’t understand the reason behind a person’s actions, rather than follow the multitude to vent and rant, do yourself a favour and abstain from criticism. The urgency to condemn and criticize someone without getting full facts is one trait that is common among humans today and with the advent of social media platforms, one illogical, insensitive rant could become the truth once it goes viral.
Everybody always feel they have an opinion or a way, a person should react whenever he is under pressure or in any uncomfortable situation. They don’t even bother to put themselves in the shoe of the victim, but make themselves judge, jury and executioner and when they eventually get the whole truth, they either don’t believe or they twist to justify their own criticisms, which tend to uphold the saying that “bad news travel faster than good news”.
It is never in any man’s place to condemn or judge someone else's decisions or actions especially when you don’t know the whole story and most importantly, when you have the facts, it is savage and barbaric for you to debase and humiliate your fellow man because of his mistakes because all humans are prone to mistakes and you may not fare better if you commit the same error or worse.
If you must criticize, you must have all the fact around you, not conjectures. You must have a clear understanding of their reason, not assumption and above all, if you must correct, you must also show empathy because he is also human and his behavior and inclination may be born of physical and psychological experience that enables him to function in his/her environment and the society. 
This should be the one of the major change in the new year. Instead of policing the lives of  people you hardly know, channel that same energy to examining and putting your life right. You must learn to understand if we are to judge rightly. You must learn to know if we are to criticize constructively and you must learn to empathize if we are to help one another. You must not abuse your fundamental right to speech and freedom of expression to the detriment of others.
Majority of the people who condemn and judge are people who are narrow-minded, frustrated and busybodies. Their only purpose in life is to surf the web and find a story they can vent their frustration on, which should not be your attitude this new year. They feel that being able to talk without restraint portrays confidence, whereas it defines them as myopic and empty-headed fellows who thrive on the misery of others.
They don’t know how to listen before they reply and they don’t understand before they talk. This should be a thing of the past in this new year and you should focus all that energy on developing yourselves and helping others. Therefore, be wise and apply wisdom in all things.

Jilams Odigwe is an enthusiastic writer who borders the line between a realist and optimist. His love for art is fluid, which makes Bon vivant of some sort...

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