I Believe In Tomorrow

Belief is a reality waiting to be acted on – Odigwe Jilams
Whenever you wake up to a new day, there is this resurgence of strength, newness of spirit and belief in the prospects of the day even when it is still young. It is also seen as a chance to start anew and you go into the day with the hope that you can right the mistakes of the past with the day. This feeling is what, all over the world, is being experienced or expressed as we enter the new year.   
There is the belief, for some, that this year will be better than the previous year(s), for others, that all the losses of the previous year will be recouped and that mistakes and failures will be amended and rectified never to be repeated again, while, for majority, it is a chance to start anew.
However, in exhibiting these beliefs and hope, you must understand that it does not stop there. There must be effort made to translate this belief into reality. There must be a conscious effort not to repeat the same attitude or lifestyle that hindered your progress in the previous year.
 Just as the saying goes - “Madness is doing the same over and over again and expecting a different result”, you cannot therefore keep believing and hoping and then do nothing else. There is no magic about it, you will end up with the same result of the previous year or even worse.
Therefore, just as it is important to believe, it is also important to work towards the achievement of that belief. Believing in tomorrow is a two way street, not a one way ticket. You must believe and work; there is no alternative to it.
It is a wonder how so many people exhibit tremendous belief about the possibilities of the new year without a corresponding amount of work. They go about making “new year resolutions” to that effect, but that is all they do, where it ends for them. They don’t work toward the implementation of their resolutions and yet, they expect a different result.
Life is dynamic and changes to your status can only come when one develops a dynamic lifestyle. If an attitude or ethic has not been favorable, you should make effort to know why, and if it is a limitation, you discard it.
Good, favorable things don’t come to people who just believe and do nothing or to people who are stagnant and choose to remain as they are, but to people who move, who are dynamic.
When you keep believing without acting, it will lead to frustration, despair, depression, etc none of which are beneficial to the human body or soul. Therefore, it is high time we start channeling our belief into reality. The beautiful prospects of tomorrow are actually true, achievable and available for all who make an effort to grasp it.
Therefore, one must work for it and be resilient. Believe and work and you will see the reward of both. What I say to you, I say also to myself. Let us adopt this strategy of believing and working together and share our success story at the end of the year, but for now it is Happy new year from me to you.

Jilams Odigwe is an enthusiastic writer who borders the line between a realist and optimist. His love for art is fluid, which makes Bon vivant of some sort...

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