"This year is special.
I can feel it deep in my bones. The breath I inhale per nano second is sweet. Why?
I must get married this year. I dream of my 2.5kg baby crying, which would keep me turning and tossing; three nights out of seven, each week.
Mama Chioma won’t let me rest. Every time I go home, she reminds me that I am now 24; soon to be 25 years old, and time waits for no one. Aunty Imeh down my street uses every opportunity she gets to tell me about her two grandchildren. Then bald headed, yellow-eyed, tobacco-chewing Uncle Bola will smile sneakily at me; undressing me with his eyes, every time I visit my tailor.

Please is it my fault that Jide has not proposed yet? He just got a job last year. A high-paying one for that matter. He buys me gifts and all that, but I hope he knows I’m not getting younger.
2019 is special for me. My only new year resolution is to get engaged and settle down. That’s all! After all, society has made it my pot of stew to pray and fast, so as to marry early and heaven knows that I have paid my dues in that regard. If I don’t?! Who knows, I might become an old spinster at 34, begging young boys to marry her. I can’t afford to do that! So, with a swing to my cat walks and a rhythmic whine to my waist, I put out my best foot, to snag Jide this year."

Chioma is no different from many girls of age 21 upwards. Men are scarce and the marriage mart waits for no one. Sacred or right, no one is breaking tables here. But, if you stand on this one; especially if you are in the team of “when are you getting married?” With a fake smile and judging voice, I hope the table trembles a little, so you receive sense and restructure your priorities. If you are not her parents, please mind your business. She knows that she is not yet married at 29.

Sadly, the judging ones have the most miserable homes and unhappy spouses, forming 'happy lives'. Let’s embrace new the system of minding our business in 2019.
Olanrewaju Oluwatosin Racheal pen name 'Tosraheal' is an avid reader and a budding young writer, she loves art and likes to dabble in different creative works. 

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