Sweet Mummy: “Useless and fruitless girl! I don’t know where my son found this chit, gold digger nonsense! Only knows how to eat and wear rags; I will show her! My son has not found a wife yet…”
Mrs. Wife: “I hate her so much! The thought of strangling her gives me so much joy. I guess I will be a demon like her and just do same to the wife of my own son. If I survive this, I swear my son’s wife will get it!”
Here we go again! 2019, new year new system? Keeping malice and wife subjection? Mother in law hatred?

It's time to repent. At least, if others see us from the outside as a happy family, then please let the home truly be happy. Abi?

Mr. Husband traveled and before he went for the four-month long assignment, he invited Sweet Mummy to stay with Mrs. Wife, at least, Mrs. Wife won’t be too lonely because sweet mummy will be her companion.

Sweet Mummy has found the perfect opportunity to get her pound of flesh. Mrs. Wife dresses this way she would complain, she wants four meats rather than two, Mrs. Wife talks to much on phone.
This… That… This…

To crown it all, Mrs. Wife is yet to become pregnant, hmm, not even a miscarriage after two years!
Mrs. Wife's toothpick-legged friends will come to hangout, she will snob and sing songs of insults. Sweet mummy's friends will visit her armed with pictures of all their grand kids.

Haba! When will these end? It’s a competition to see who will speak with Mr. Husband longest on phone.

Home Sweet Home, where are you?!

2019 resolutions have been made right? Permit me to add an extra one, love one another, warts and all.

It isn’t just that simple? Ok admonish and submit in love, mutual respect is key.

A home that is peaceful is joyful
A home that is loving is inviting
Stop with fake life and hateful ways.

Let the trend of daughter-in-law versus mother-in-law wars end here
I trust we can make this happen!

Olanrewaju Oluwatosin Racheal pen name 'Tosraheal' is an avid reader and a budding young writer, she loves art and likes to dabble in different creative works. 
All rights to this content is reserved, No part of this content may be used or reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of the writer, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and uses permitted by copy right law. For permission requests, email the media team at: Please click on the subscribe button to receive latest blog updates.

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