Hello fellow humans, hope you are feeling blessed and loved? The season of love is drifting away but remember love yourself first.
On today's topic just as the heading stated we will be talking about anger. So what exactly is anger? I'll start. My version of anger is that burning hot feeling in your chest, the kind of feeling that makes you want to scream out your lungs. Sound familiar? yeah well, that's how I feel whenever I am angry.
Honestly, I hate anger or annoyance and in this part of the world we live in, its unavoidable. I mean, when getting on a taxi in the morning, a passenger can piss you off, or you get distracted by something, someone says something utterly ridiculous and you have to listen to that. At every step we take something or someone takes a bit of our peace of mind away and leaves us with anger.
I don't claim to be an expert at anything this is like therapy and you, my readers, are my therapists. Believe me, I have anger issues. People who know me personally may think 'Nah, I'm too calm for that' but I tell you, the thing I've learnt is the art of ignorance and suppression. Some say it's bad but whatever works for you, simply works.
Whenever I am angry, I refuse to listen to reason, I want to get the first word in and I'm quick to raise my fist (violence), it's not like I'm even a good fighter— I just like to leave a physical reminder of what happens when you cross me, which, I tell you, is horrible. I don't like to say sorry (which is pride; talk about that next week). So, my method of ignorance and suppression works for me because;
first off, when a person annoys me, I simply try to not say anything by drinking lots of water. Believe me, the more your mouth is busy doing something the less your tendency to say something you regret. The more the person rants, just get water and keep drinking, if you are about to run out of water take money walk out and buy more. Stepping out of the tense environment gives you a chance to think things through and also calm yourself down.
Secondly, just sleep. Sometimes the more you see a person or thing that's making you angry, the more you feel it. So what's better than to just sleep? They say it's bad to sleep with anger but people please, taking a quick 30 minutes nap helps clear the head and calm the heart beat. Plus you don't get to say anything.
So next time someone says something to get on your nerves, grab a pillow and sleep like a baby. The good thing is if you're on the right side of the argument you'll sleep like an angel.
Thirdly and more seriously, don't get violent. No matter what, keep your cool. The more relaxed you look the more it angers the opposing side and if you're on the right side of the 'fight', you have nothing to worry about. Never pick a fight when you are wrong, don't let pride get a hold of you.
On that note we put a stop to the discussion. Sorry there isn't much, like I said I'm not the best at anger, it will be hypocritical of me to preach about anger while I'm learning to control it myself. What ways do you advice me to work on my anger issues? I really do want to learn, leave a comment below. If you can't do it with your google account then please leave it anonymously. Can't wait to see them. Remain calm and blessed.

Aisha is a young writer. She writes to promote everything about the African woman. And hopes to bring glory to the continent.

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  1. Not necessarily you preach... Maybe when you talk extensively about it, it might help you figure out why you would what to not listen and leave reminder marks. What works for you, works, and i believe people go about dealing with anger in there own way. Dealing with humans most of the time is challenging but hey we all need one another right?
    Nice piece. Not your strong topic to write on tho.

  2. Well said...👌... I think i need to be reading this every now and then.. Some sorta anger is uncontrolable though


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