Don’t worry be happy. 

Hello kings and queens, it's another brand new week for us here at NIWCO. Let's get into today's gist now, shall we?

The phrase ‘Don’t worry be happy’ always plays in my head whenever I'm down. Happiness, so unique a feeling, of joy and internal peace, serenity, all the words combined. Happiness can be found in many places— a person, a thing, a memory, even a place. These are great places to be at peace from, they pull you out of whatever darkness maybe holding you, they can be your light, the reflection of something that can save you and bring you back to where you belong.
Though they are very calm places to find your inner happiness, it’s still not enough. It's a fact that many people in tough situations need someone to run to when they are depressed, or burdened with a problem. It is also a known fact that humans and people are not always to be trusted. In the society we live in today, where people scream fake friends, where they backbite and slander each other, who do we trust? It's best to put your happiness and trust in yourself. Who knows you better than you? Who knows all your secrets better than you? Who knows how you're really feeling better than you?
Self happiness is the optimum feeling, better than any drug can give. Happiness is best found from within. In the past I've talked about finding inner peace and self confidence, it's worked for me and I believe strongly that when applied to others it will work for you too. When a person can find happiness within themselves, it's possible they are not held at ransom to the emotions of another person, or the feeling of a thing, or the fading of a memory. Memories fade, things change and people move on but you, as a person, evolve.
In one way or the other we've all played a game of chance, be it in our childhood games of chance, rock-paper-scissors, Ludo. Even taking a step on the road is a chance. Why not take a chance on yourself? Be your own anchor, your own light. Yes, there are dark times in everyone's life and it's gets messy and complicated but if you are able to find a way within you to find happiness without running to a person, isn't that a chance worth taking?
It's a difficult road to process, a tough path to takeoff, getting and moving away from the dark and negative energy around you.

I strongly believe in self reliance and sustainability. I believe in betting on myself and abilities. They only time you truly need a person in your life is to add to that happiness. The sun is never too bright to shine.
I want the happiness for everyone and anyone I encounter. Happiness is the gift you can give to a person, add happiness and if you can't let that person go to find that happiness.

Aisha is a young writer. She writes to promote everything about the African woman. And hopes to bring glory to the continent.

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