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Hey there kings and queens, are you living life? Please say yes because that’s all I wish for all my readers. So, back to business, today I want to focus on something not all that sensitive, that thing that we carry on our shoulders, that thing which makes us stand like we are sitting on horses; Pride.

There’s a common adage that says ‘pride comes before the fall’. True that but, ever wonder on a different aspect of pride? Let’s take a quick look. I always do my best to be as clear as possible and honestly this topic is a rather double faced one for me, so I’ll do as much as I can to be clear and let you all tell me your thoughts.

So pride, what exactly does it mean to be proud?  I’m proud of a lot of things in my life; I’m proud of my looks –I’m not a beauty queen but in my eye I try, lol; I’m proud of my physique – I’m really short btw but I am proud of it it; I’m proud of the way I’ve grown to be the woman I am; basically I’m proud of a lot of things and I’m not sorry about it, I don’t apologize and to be honest, you shouldn’t too. I mean, you as a person have been through a lot, be proud if you have a fat nose, small beady eyes, wide lips or even a flat bum. Be proud of it because in this world there is no one that has the exact same thing as you, even your parents that you may look alike there are still slight differences.

You are allowed to be proud of your wealth, it’s not easy to get that credit alert, the sacrifices you’ve made, it’s not easy to deposit that fat check, who knows how your sweat got on it? You are free and allowed to feel proud about that human hair that cost 150k, my sister e no easy.

Yes, pride does come before the fall but for a moment enjoy it, dwell on it. People enjoy talking smack about our looks/physique, our income, our jobs, our background, our heritage, our culture, the list goes on. People enjoy pulling us down shoving our faults down our throats and when we start embracing ourselves, loving ourselves, being who we are, they start saying ‘oh that girl is so proud, do you know how she got that car?’ ‘She’s not that fine sef. See as she is doing shakara’ ‘look at that boy using the latest apple laptop. Hmm I wonder what he sold to get it’. Brothers and sisters be proud of whatever you have even if it’s a torchlight phone. It’s yours and you deserve it or even more. Let them talk.

The one thing I would apologize for concerning my pride is my inability to say the words ‘sorry’. Now I know that’s the bad and dark aspect of pride. It’s not like I don’t ever say it but I need to see the utmost reason why I have to apologize to a person. Tell me in detail why I need to say sorry and I will, and if you don’t convince me that I’m actually in the wrong I won’t utter a single word. Bad. Very bad, I do assure you, I am working on improving my behavior. This is the only thing I would apologize for though.

If you also feel like there’s a form of pride you want to clarify if it’s bad or not leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond. Don’t forget leave anonymously if you are finding it difficult to post with your Google account. If you have any questions or want me to talk about anything, just leave a comment and make sure you visit other previous posts as you might have missed something.

Aisha is a young writer. She writes to promote everything about the African woman. And hopes to bring glory to the continent.

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