It Is Okay…But It Is Not Okay

It's okay to feel that you are living below your expectation, it is okay to feel that your dreams are a long way from reality, It's okay to feel inferior amongst your more successful peers. It is also okay to doubt yourself so often that you lose all form of patience, but it is not okay to lose focus. Focus is the broad spectrum which guides the goals and plans of every individual. Once you lose focus, your goals and plans start drifting in the violent storms of life until they eventually sink. Focus is like a steering wheel that guides you.
It's okay to feel humiliated and debased, it is okay to be disappointed, it is okay to be demeaned and made to feel worthless by your fellowman, It is okay to be ignored and made to feel as if you are a non-existent entity. It is also okay when you feel you are a burden and that whatever you do is not good enough thereby damaging your self confidence, but it is not okay to accept them as your fate. Instead, you should strive to be better. This is the bedrock of self love which can in turn repair your self confidence. It is the preservation of a healthy mind, body and soul.
It's okay to feel unloved, to be betrayed by people to the point where every breath is a reminder of that betrayal. It's okay to experience pangs of depression that it seems like giving in becomes the most viable and welcome solution. It is okay to be discouraged to the point where victories are hard to come by despite your valiant efforts. It is okay to be so overwhelmed by this that you start feeling suspicious of everyone around you, but it is not okay to give up. Let the odds be stacked against you by 99-1,never give up!
 Giving up may seem like the most logical conclusion, but I can assure, it is not and when you give up, your troubles may be over, but people will remember you as one with a spine, not one with a spectacular story to his name.
It is okay to feel and be abandoned , it is okay to feel and be isolated by those closest to you, it is okay to be overcome by worry and that your anxiety is like a net choking the life and freedom out of you, but it is not okay to remain isolated. Stories never attribute one bit of their success to isolation, but to teamwork.  
Be focused, have unlimited love for yourself, never give up and be an indispensable team player. Nurture them and they will protect you, maintain it and victory is always yours. In the end, everything comes boils down to the fact that;
"It is okay to be down, but it is not to be downed."

Jilams Odigwe is an enthusiastic writer who borders the line between a realist and optimist. His love for art is fluid, which makes Bon vivant of some sort...

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