The Solace In Our Addiction

Anytime the word “addiction” is being spoken or raised in a gathering, various thoughts mostly negative begin to form in our minds. It is either the person is an abuser of drugs and other drug related substances or addicted to illicit materials or acts like pornography, masturbation, etc. Although the above mentioned are harmful to the physical and psychological wellbeing of an individual, it is not the whole definition of the term “addiction” as popular opinions have made it to be, neither is it only associated to social and immoral vices prevalent today.
The scope of the term “addiction” is so large that an average person fails to understand the broad length it covers or the wide ranges it reaches. A brief research into the meaning of addiction by medical practitioners or philosophers summarily defines it as a disease or sickness and one notable observation which piqued my interest was the theory that most people who have symptons of addiction also have at least one accompanying mental problem. Thank God it was an observation and not a given.
The concept of addiction in this context is that which is enduring and does not have a quick fix or withdrawal symptom. It is a task that when accomplished doesn’t just give a quick pleasure but a lasting satisfaction. Take for example, an individual who cant stop himself from helping people even when it is not convenient or a CEO obsessed with beating his previous records. Those are signs of addiction and one would therefore be right to classify them as addicts and yet they are the kind of people worth emulating. Therefore, is it right to view addiction as a disease or sickness as the medical practitioners or philosophers puts it.
Addiction is the lifestyle of every individual. It makes up our belief, shapes our values and ideals, guides our emotions. This is why people who are successful always follow a certain set of principle or pattern which they believe is the key to their success. Even parents’ love for their children and vice-versa has some form of addictive tendencies borne out of emotion and responsibility. Where everyone sees addiction as a disease, I see it as a habit which becomes second nature to man meant to satisfy a desire (good) or an impulse bad).   
It is impossible to separate man from addiction because our perpetual habits and inclinations tend to be addictive. Which is why recovering alcoholic/drug addicts are advised to always find new habits which will hopefully replace old habits and addictions.
The only similarity between negative and positive habits (addiction) is that it brings solace and satisfaction to the individual, but a clear distinction among them is that the result of negative habits is temporal solace, while that of positive habits is lasting satisfaction.
Although it may hurt to be positive addicted because the gains are slow in coming, it will be an enduring satisfaction in the end. Which is why this new year, drop old and negative habits, develop new and positive habits, have patience and belief in the new habits and you will see the reward this year.

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