My Secret Stash

I kept it in a deep corner, dark and moist, quite musty
I left it there to explore and revel in, during my wishful nights
Its hidden even from myself during the day, even from my light
I’m always right even when its tight, in my deep corner I’m lord and master
I will rather lie, than allow others to see me in my corner
It possesses my passion, happiness and life
You ask why do I hide my greatest potential there?
Well where else will I keep it? To be exposed to their light?
To be judged by your schemes of right and wrong?
In my dark secret corner, all looks grey – neither white nor black
Not good not evil; I’m plain me - faults and all
I live my best self with no reason to be depressed – yea in my imagination
To always be repressed, castigated and insulted
To be suicidal, filled with murderous and cursing intent.
Where will I go to show my true self and not be judged.
Just let me be in my dark, moist corner – yea celebrating my infatuations
Sade died of depression last week; she was just eighteen
All because she had an abortion in her early teen
It might be all shades of dark to you, need I tell you she was raped?!
But lo, as the jury, judge and executioner that we are
we didn’t hear the other side of the story before crucifying
Oh! has a young celebrity role model, she was hung on the social media court tree
Dear social media court, kindly don’t kill our youths anymore
We all make mistakes but please stop roasting on your grill of self-righteousness
To him who has no sin kindly spare us, please mind your business
So, we can move our dreams out of the dark corner
if I come to the lime light and shine, kindly appreciate and go
Don’t poke around for my dross and stains, let me be, kind Sir and Ma
I don’t want to be another Sade, let me be 'me in our world.

Olanrewaju Oluwatosin Racheal pen name 'Tosraheal' is an avid reader and a budding young writer, she loves art and likes to dabble in different creative works. 
All rights to this content is reserved, No part of this content may be used or reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of the writer, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and uses permitted by copy right law. For permission requests, email the media team at: Please click on the subscribe button to receive latest blog updates.

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