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Today we focus on your independence. By that I don't necessarily mean financial independence or leaving your fathers/mothers house kinda independence. I mean independence from within.

So far we've talked on self love, confidence, all those things. Well, achieving them has been outlined in their own posts. The feeling of uttermost independence and clarity is elevating. I know I feel it everyday.

Independence makes you feel like no matter the hate or shade, thrown at you, you can handle it. No matter the bullshiit served, you can swallow it or vomit on the foot of the owner. 

Independence is confidence. The ability to raise you head high and lift up your chest.

There's a deep flaw associated with having personal independence. A deep emotional scar with it. Independence brings comfort in your zone. Too much comfort that you find it hard to let anyone have the chance to push you. You find it hard to let anyone kill your vibe, just the way over confidence kills.

I'm personally at a point where I'm too comfortable in my zone that I don't care if there's anyone in my life or not. I feel so independent that I don't need anyone to support me mentally or emotionally. Yes, believe me it hurts the people around you!

I honestly don't have any remedy yet for this. Note however that 'no one is perfect'. I just hope I can fix it before the damage is far too gone.

Aisha is a young writer. She writes to promote everything about the African woman. And hopes to bring glory to the continent.

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