LABELS - I'M A LOGGER HEAD (The foolish wise girl)

Wednesdays 6pm


Who is this logger head?
Ọmọ a wí fún, ọba jẹ́ k’ó gbọ́
Pride rose, so I refuse to say!
Ọmọ a sọ̀’rọ̀ fún, ọba jẹ́ k’ó gbà
I covered my head with soft blankets
Ìgbéraga wọ̀ l'ẹ́wu, aṣọ òfì l’ó fi bo’ra
Be gone! I refuse to see, hear or know
Ìgbẹ̀yín l’ójù o, ẹ̀san á ké dan dan
I knew it was wrong but still I hid from it
Bí ará ilé ẹni bá n jẹ kòkòrò, kí a sọ fun!
But for self-preservation and foolishness
Ọ̀gẹ̀dẹ̀ sì n bàjẹ́, a sọ pé oún pon
How many like me, how many with me
Dà bí mo ti dà: Ìwá j’ọ̀wà ní njẹ́ ọ̀rẹ́ j’ọ̀rẹ́
Speak out, tell your truth, though its old
Ọ̀títọ́ máa lékè. Iyán ogún ọdún máa  jó ni lọ́wọ́
The hope of tomorrow is a better today
Àìmọ̀la ẹ̀dá kò ní kí ònì má dára
Join me, live your best self on earth
A ko wa lasan, bi ati waye laa nri

lanrewaju Oluwatosin Racheal pen name 'Tosraheal' is an avid reader and a budding young writer, she loves art and likes to dabble in different creative works. 
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