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Dear diary,

I have read on different social media platforms where people especially ladies writes ‘Body Goals’. I’m conversant with people setting goals in businesses, career, jobs, home etc. but not body goals. Body goals is another shot at goal through keeping fit that ricochets the goalpost before hitting the back of the net. Ladies wants to have figure eight, flat tummy and those with excessive weights wants to reduce too. Years ago, one of my facebook friends always send into my inbox a link on how to reduce weight. He didn’t stop until I replied one day ‘’If I lose weight, I will be kidnapped by breeze sir’’. Well, no matter the size of your body, you have to keep fit. I have heard slim people saying they don’t need to keep fit because they are already slim fit. These people are only deceiving themselves. Keeping fit shouldn’t be until you set body goals; it should be a routine just as you eat food.
It is not until you lift a 1000kg weight or perform legwork on a treadmill only, that you are considered to be keeping fit. It starts from your little exercises at home. Some people who have maids at home have been so relaxed that their hands couldn’t hold anything made. You could trek short distances like walking to and fro in your compound because you might not be able to jug the length of your neighborhood like Ethiopian long distance race legend; Haile Gebrselassie. Those who have been sanctioned to the gym as a result of doctor’s report have a case with keeping fit. Hmm! You don’t have to be a fighter, athlete or body guard to hit the gym. Well, you can bet a push up challenge with me despite my gangling structure.
There are numerous benefits of keeping fit. It reduces bad cholesterol, it makes you sleep better which in turn helps to think sharply, it improves self-esteem, reduces blood pressure, decreases back pain, increases metabolic rate, increases functional strength, improves sex drive, reduces risk of heart disease and cancer, strengthens bones, improves confidence and help you reach your potential. Let me sound a warning; don’t be too lazy to carry your body. Keep fit and pile up the six figures both in body and currency. Diary, breathes in, and then breathes out. Oops! Diary is lifeless. Well, let whosoever that has breathe take it up. See you again lovers.

Fasuyi Tolulope Samuel is a budding poet and novelist. He has featured in two ebook publications; Woman vs Man: A cultural difference and 'A woman's pot, a man's stomach': A collection of poem on delicacies both by Sandra T. Adeyeye. He has a B.Sc Hons in Microbiology from Adekunle Ajasin university, Akungba-Akoko Ondo state. A lover of artwork, music and football. Tolu hails from Akure in Ondo state. The single Youngman is interested in taking Africa to the world with his style of writing.      
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